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Pentagon Weighs in on Auto Dealers and Financial Reform

This is a fantastic article in the New York Times today describing practices that are part of the reason for the battle currently raging in Congress over the new financial reform bill. Auto Dealers, courtesy of an army of lobbyists and an Amendment sponsored by Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas, are trying to get a free pass on regulation and reform of their practices. This article illustrates the pervasiveness of the problem of financial abuses by auto dealers, particularly as it relates to our military personnel. Even in North Carolina, which has already passed explicit laws regulating Yo-Yo deals, dealerships repeatedly violate the law and pretend that it does not exist.

I encourage you to call your senator today and urge them to OPPOSE the Brownback Amendment.

It is bad for consumers and bad for our military, and gives auto dealers an undeserved exemption from much needed reform.