Spot Delivery Sales

Purchasing your dream car can become a nightmare experience if you are the victim of a conditional spot delivery sale.

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Conditional Spot Delivery Abuse

Conditional delivery sales, also known as yo-yo financing or spot delivery sales, occur when car dealers manipulate and deceive buyers into believing that they have been financed for the purchase of their vehicle at an agreed upon interest rate.  After the buyer has obtained his or her own insurance policy for the vehicle, has received a thirty-day temporary tag or transferred tag, and has driven the vehicle off the lot, a call is later received from the dealership saying that the financing “fell through” or was unable to be obtained at the agreed upon rate.  If the buyer refuses, the dealer threatens to repossess the vehicle.  This call is used to pressure the buyer into accepting a new financing agreement, but always at a higher interest rate or requiring more money down.  Remember, the dealership will never call you back to tell you they got you a lower interest rate or that you paid too much for the vehicle.  If you get this call, you have legal rights that may need to be protected.

North Carolina Regulates this Practice

In North Carolina, dealerships are permitted to make conditional delivery sales, but only if they keep the car on their own insurance policy and allow the buyer to drive the car away on dealer tags.  If you have purchased a car, signed the paperwork, received your temporary or transferred tags, and have placed the car on your own insurance, the deal is done!  Don’t fall victim to an improper and deceptive conditional delivery scam.  If you get a call from the dealership after you have signed all your paperwork and driven off the lot, you may not have to agree to their demands, and should take action to protect your legal rights.  Call Norris Law Firm, PLLC for a free consultation.

Protect Yourself from High Fees and Interest

The North Carolina Unfair Trade Practices Act may assist a consumer who has been a victim of a conditional spot delivery scam.  Spot delivery sales may be actionable, depending on a variety of factors, including oral and written representations made by the dealer and the documents that were signed at the time of purchase.

Victims’ Recourse

If you have fallen prey to an unscrupulous car dealership’s spot delivery abuse, take action!  Report your experience to the Attorney General’s office, the Better Business Bureau, and the North Carolina DMV License and Theft Bureau.  By sharing, you may save someone else from going through what you did.  If you believe that you are the victim of an ongoing conditional delivery scam, call for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights and what options you may have to protect yourself from being taken advantage of.

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