How to Avoid Auto Dealer Fraud

Avoid Deceptive Practices and Car Dealer Fraud

There are ways to avoid being victimized by dishonest auto dealers. At the Norris Emery we represent clients in matters arising from fraudulent actions by dishonest auto dealers.  Part of our service includes educating clients and potential clients about steps they can take to minimize the risk of being defrauded when purchasing a car.

Tips for Avoiding Car Dealer Fraud

We urge people to look at the website of the National Association of Consumer Advocates. This organization helps consumers avoid problems when purchasing a new or used car.   Below are some of the recommendations:

  • Make friends with a mechanic.  A trusted mechanic can help you avoid problems by telling you about models to avoid and problems associated with specific brands.
  • Arrange financing through your bank or credit union.  Banks usually offer better terms than dealerships, because dealerships make a significant amount of money from their internal financing operations.
  • Read the warranty.  Dealers, especially used car dealers, seek to improve the profitability of each transaction by adding on features and services such as warranties. However, many warranties are actually unenforceable and represent wasted money rather than peace of mind. If the dealer wants the business badly enough, he or she will agree to amendments.   Be sure that the warranty includes specific language about lemon law returns and inspection for collision damage.
  • Do a real test drive.  A spin around the block is not enough, even when buying a new car.  Be sure to test the vehicle on as many road types and traffic situations as possible.  If possible, take the mechanic or a very knowledgeable friend.
  • Do not hurry.  Decisions made when feeling pressured are often bad decisions.  A dealer who will not allow prospects to think about the purchase or conduct their own research should be avoided.

Consumers who purchase a lemon can be assured that they have rights under the North Carolina Lemon Law (for new cars) and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (for used cars). Our lawyer will help people enforce these rights, advocating vigorously for full refunds and damages allowed by the law.

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