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Strong consumer protection starts with the passage of good legislation at the state and federal levels.  Consumers are up against powerful interests who have a financial interest in weakening consumer protection in the marketplace and making it harder for consumers to seek redress for unfair and deceptive business practices, negligence, and fraud.

Often, even if we are unable to accept you as a client or otherwise help you with your concern, you can do yourself and the rest of North Carolina consumers a huge favor by simply contacting your elected representatives and senators in the General Assembly and Congress to urge them to pass laws protecting consumers.

North Carolina General Assembly

Contact your local state representative in the General Assembly.

Contact your local state senator in the General Assembly.


United States Congress

House of Representatives – contact your local representative in the House of Representatives.

Senate – contact your local senator in the United States Senate.

Recent Consumer Protection Legislation

  • North Carolina Debt Collection Practices Act -in 2009, the General Assembly passed some of the strongest consumer protection legislation in the country relating to the regulation of the debt buyer industry.  Thanks to the support and prodding of dedicated citizens, consumer advocates, and elected officials with the political fortitude to see it through, North Carolina passed the North Carolina Consumer Economic Protection Act, providing more protection than ever from the scourge of the debt buying industry  plaguing other states. Other states are actually looking to North Carolina as a model for similar legislation.


Consumer Protection Legislation that is Needed

  • Used Car Lemon Law – North Carolina does not have a Used Car Lemon Law.  Such a law is sorely needed.  Even if you bought a car ‘as-is’, you should still be entitled to basic protections from unscrupulous car dealers. A used car lemon law should be passed, as exists in other states, that provide a ‘floor’ of mechanical soundness for used vehicles that must exist before a car can be sold ‘as-is’. This protects consumers from dealers who purchase or acquire defective used vehicles and then sell them to unsuspecting consumers and then hide behind an ‘as-is’ Buyer’s Guide Notice.  If you have been sold a used lemon and we are unable to help you (or even if we are), then please contact your local State Representative and Senator to tell them or your problem and urge them to pass a used car lemon law.
  • Arbitration Fairness Act – The fight over forced arbitration has been waging for many years now, but a new bill has recently been suggested that might ban such forced arbitration clauses from consumer contracts. Contact your Representative and Senators in Congress and urge them to pass the Arbitration Fairness Act.  See the draft of the Arbitration Fairness Act 2011.


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