Attorney General Complaints

Two very important steps that you can take, whether or not we are able to help you or whether or not you choose for us to represent you, we urge anyone who has a complaint against a dealership, manufacturer, or other business, to take appropriate steps to log that complaint with the Attorney General’s consumer division office and/or the License and Theft Bureau of the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. License and Theft is the dealer enforcement arm of the DMV, and has the power to investigate and, in some circumstances, prosecute dealerships and dealer personnel for violations of DMV Regulations and state law.  Doing so not only puts more pressure on the other side to take steps to make your complaint right, but it also helps by logging your complaint so that patterns of wrongdoing can be tracked.  As the saying goes, “where there’s smoke there’s fire”, and with enough complaints against a given business, the authorities may decide that there is enough to take direct action to curb wrongful behavior.

How to File an Attorney General Complaint

We recommend you go directly to the NC Department of Justice Consumer Section website and file an Attorney General Complaint electronically or by printing out and mailing their easy to follow consumer complaint form.

Even if they are unable to get your complaint resolved, filing a consumer complaint will assist other consumers who may have experienced, or may experience in the future, problems similar to your own.  Although the Attorney General cannot get involved in litigating disputes between you and the dealer or other business, with enough complaints filed about a given practice, the Attorney General may have enough to take more decisive action.

How to File a DMV License and Theft Complaint

We recommend you contact your local DMV license and theft bureau office.   They will tell you of the proper steps to take to get this done.  A License and Theft Enforcement Officer may contact you once your complaint is filed to get more information and will investigate accordingly.

Of course, if none of the above work, and you still have a concern, contact us for a free initial telephone consultation.  You’ll be glad you did.

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