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North Carolina Consumer Protection

At Norris Law Firm, PLLC, we represent North Carolina consumers in many aspects of consumer law issues, including:

We are here to help you when you have a consumer dispute, so you don’t have to go it alone.

Consumers often face legal issues at a time in their life when they are most vulnerable.  This circumstance, combined with the seeming imbalance of power between the average consumer and a business that is not doing the right thing, creates the need for advocates who are there to listen when it seems like no one else will, and who will fight to protect consumers’ legal rights in the marketplace.  We will devote the time and resources needed to develop your case.  Whether you are a current or potential client, we offer convenient times to discuss your case.  We provide:

  • a free initial telephone consultation
  • flexible office hours
  • telephone conference updates in the evenings or weekends to meet your schedule
  • access to your attorney’s direct phone line
  • our promise to do everything we can to meet your legal needs

How Much Will This Cost Me?  In many cases, we take consumer claims on a contingency basis, with no attorney’s fees paid by you unless and until we succeed in your claim.  In order to protect consumers against the financial inequities that often exist between consumers and businesses, big and small, many consumer protection laws require that businesses who engage in prohibited acts pay the attorney’s fees of a prevailing  consumer.  This means there is no risk to you to call and see how we can help you.  You do not and should not have to go it alone against a business when you have been victimized in the marketplace.  The law provides powerful remedies for consumers just like you.  Call the attorneys who know how to use them.

How We Are Different

We strive to provide an unparalleled level of client service and attention to detail.  We are one of the only dedicated consumer protection law firms in North Carolina, allowing our clients to rest assured that they are receiving the highest quality legal representation possible for their consumer claim.  You will not be relegated to talking with a paralegal or secretary every time you call.  In fact, we welcome inquiries and calls about your case and keep an open line of communication through all aspects of your case.  We pride ourselves on our flexible office hours, telephone conference updates, and our commitment to customizing our services for your needs!

We live, were founded, and are based here in North Carolina.  Unlike other multi-state consumer “mill” law firms that establish small satellite offices in one state and therefore have no real connection to North Carolina consumers, we at Norris Law Firm, PLLC assure you that we represent only North Carolina consumers and are not affiliated with any out-of-state law firm.  Accordingly, you will always receive the kind of quality, and personalized service that is necessary to meet your needs.

Learn How We Can Assist You

We would like you to use this website as a resource to learn more about your consumer rights and to discover whether there is a possible legal solution to the concern that brought you here.  To discuss your situation in detail and to learn how we can help you, contact Norris Law Firm, PLLC today.  Call 919-981-4475 for a free initial telephone consultation.

Other Resources

Our website can hopefully be used as a resource for you even if we are unable to accept you as a client or you decide not to retain us to represent you.

  • Small Claims Court – This page has lots of useful information and downloadable pdf documents to use in filing a small claims case in North Carolina, along with links to more information on small claims.
  • NC Attorney General Consumer Section and DMV Complaints – Regardless of whether we are able to help you in your case, it is always a good idea to log complaints that you have with the NC Attorney General Consumer Section and DMV License and Theft (for vehicle related complaints).  The Attorney General’s Office and License and Theft Bureau investigates and keeps records of complaints against North Carolina businesses.  While they cannot take direct action on your behalf, the information they gather on repeat bad actors in the state can be instrumental in helping consumers as a whole.
  • State and Federal Representatives – Good consumer protection law starts with giving legislators the information they need to learn about bad business practices that are taking place.  From time to time we will post on pending legislation that is beneficial (or harmful) to consumers, but if you have a complaint that are not able to take because the law does not provide an adequate remedy (such as used car lemon laws), a good place to start is taking your complaint to state representatives.